Most Common Age Related Eye Problems

As we grow in age it is seen that most of us tend to lose the original vision ability. The ability to focus on the closer objects starts deteriorating as we reach our forties. Books and all other reading material are held a bit farther for better focusing. This is usually the first symptom of presbyopia meaning "old man's eyes" in Greek. In such condition the refocusing from nearer to farther objects is also not that quick.

Such an age related eye problem to read and other tasks needing closer vision can be dealt by using bifocal lenses. The upper part of these lenses has a clear vision for far off objects and the lower part is used for reading and similar tasks which is adjusted as per the doctor. This is mainly due to the loss of elasticity of the lenses of the eyes within. Other age related eye problems are glaucoma, muscular degeneration, cataract and diabetic retinopathy. These can creep slowly as you grow in age and the first three are the common ones.
Other inexcusable age related eye problems are:
Tearing eyes:

As you grow in age the eyes tend to be much sensitive to wind, dust and light. You may notice that your eyes are getting prone to tears hugely with passing years. Dry eyes can be the result of over tearing. To reduce tearing and to bring the condition under control you should protect your eyes wearing sunglasses whenever you go out. It would not only reduce glare in your eyes but also save them from wind and dust particles. You should also see the doctor to ensure if the tear duct is blocked due to some reason or any other serious tearing problem.


You must have noticed that when you in a bright lit room the little transparent specks start floating infront of your eyes. These are actually the clumped cells in the vitreous fluid that fills your eyes. These occur automatically with age. But these are harmless. But if you notice the increase in floaters or see them along with the bright flashes you should see the doctor urgently.

Remedies for age related eye problems:

Reading glasses come in for the help of those who find it difficult to read close and have to push the reading material a little far or have to squint a bit. This is very common in the aged people. And after every couple of years you have to get the stronger glasses made to compensate the visual loss. The eyesight is hampered due to the loss of flexibility of focusing lens within the eye. As our focusing lens begins to get less flexible the muscles working on this lens also get weaker with time. Although you can correct it with any natural method but can surely improve upon the condition with a few good exercises and surgery. Aged people are rarely benefited by exercises and have to go for surgery with doctor's assistance.
Aged people with hampered eye sight feel loss of independence and disable. But do not worry, as regular eye checkups and with the help of recent advances in science in molecular and stem cell therapy, even the aged ones have the bright hope to rectify serious visual problems.

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