Rectangle Computer Glasses Blue Light Glasses 66006 C6

Rectangle Computer Glasses Blue Light Glasses 66006 C6

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  • The frame has clear lens with Blue Block protection
  • The lens can be disassembled and replaced by functional lenses, so that you can change the lenses according to your actual needs. 
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  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible material for durability and comfortable long-term wear
  • These plastic frames come with clear lenses,that will not hurt eyes. It can be worn for costume or fashion purposes
  • Cute and Beautiful, Best Gift for Casual or Costume

  • The frame is made from super quality and comfortable plastic,and the nose pad is integrated with the frame.The material and this design guarantees durability and comfort to wear for a long time.Also the lens are coated with blue light blocking’s 100% UV400 to protect eyes.
  • The package comes with an anti blue light glasses,a soft and useful cleaning cloth;A case,which is customized to safeguard the glasses when delivery or on hand everywhere.
  • Blue light seriously hurts human eyes,especially today is in vieoo time. Our glasses could reduce the harm for eyes. We cellphone,computer,TV,other vedio more earlier and frequent.We need these anti blue glasses to protect the eyes.The glasses can cut blue light,reduce eyestrain,and protect children’s eyesight.
  • The glasses have a round frame,and plastic material gives kids more comfortability to wear them.

We touch digital products every day,like computers,cell phones,play game and TV LED displays. That will send out much blue lights for the eyes,then there are increasing dramatically vision problems. So we need a nice anti blue glasses to protect our eyes,safeguard our eyes and reduce digital eyestrain from screen time. One could have a relax to get a good rest and even have a good sleep when wear them about 15 minutes before go to bed.

Blue light blocking classic computer glasses, protect your eyes for long time watching computers, TV or phones.
DESIGN: Quality TPE Frame
Comfortable against the skin
Anti blue ray lenses
Lenses: anti-blue lenses
Anti blue lenses:Protect your eyes.Blocks 90% of high energy blue light. Relieve eye fatigue caused by longtime use of electronic device.

Use a gentle lens solution. To avoid scratches.
Never wipe the lens when they’re dry (there may be dust or particles). Use Soft materials such as cleaning cloths, Don’t use paper towels or other rough materials.

How are Blue Light Glasses Useful?

These Glasses can be used everywhere…

How do Blue Light Glasses Work?


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