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Blue Light Glasses - Computer Glasses - A stylish protection for fighting Computer Vision Syndrome

In Current Pandemic Times Most of the people with Work From Home or working in MNC’s and corporate Industry have to sit for long hours facing the computer. This has given rise to CVS, known as Computer Vision Syndrome which is a condition resulting from continued focus on the computer screen. In this condition, a person is found complaining about visionary issues where they experience redness in eyes, blurry vision, dry eyes, eye strain, headache and neck pain as well. This has affected more than 90 percent of employees and Work from Home professionals and caused unnecessary discomfort.

Solution to treat CVS :

CVS is a common syndrome and can be treated effectively by choosing a right pair of Blue Light Glasses that gives immense protection during long working hours. This will help to reduce fatigue and eye strain. These Computer glasses can be used for several other purposes as well, like, playing video games, watching television, playing sports, going to night clubs, etc. These glasses come with an anti glare reflective coating which helps to keep your eyes healthy and boost your eyesight while working on the computer.


Choosing computer glasses over the prescribed glasses :

Most of the people use prescribed glasses suggested by a doctor, so they deny the idea of choosing blue light filter glasses. However, choosing this particular eye wear will be beneficial for working on a computer which other eyeglasses won’t be able to handle appropriately. However, these glasses are not suitable for driving and a lot depends on the quality of the lens. Most of the Eyewear companies give you an all purpose glass that reduces the strain while working and also helps you for performing general work like reading, watching TV, etc.                        

Design of computer glasses :

The design of Computer Eyewear sets it apart. There are simple glasses designed to help you sit comfortably in front of the computer and work for long hours which have single vision lenses. This gives you comfort while viewing the images properly and reading the text online. There are progressive lenses as well, which are much more popular than the normal progressive lens as it has a bigger intermediate zone and works perfectly for those who work on older computers. In most of the offices, the usage of the LCD screen is popular as it gives better clarity and causes less harm than the old CRT computer screens.

At you can Buy Computer Glasses depending on your need. The best part is, these glasses are not just comfortable to wear but also gives a classic appeal. The glasses are designed in several ways to protect your eyes from CVS and gives you a smart look as well. There are different frames to choose from. You can choose rimless frame or frames with different colours like black, blue, red, yellow., etc. The most vital thing is, the glasses should have a high quality anti glare reflective coating to protect your eyes and work perfectly for other type of work as well.  

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