Are Progressive Lenses for You?

Progressive lenses are basically no line bifocals. These lenses help in correcting your vision as well as at a distance which cannot be provided by the conventional bifocal lenses. These lenses are very suitable for people who want to hide the fact that they need a reading glass.

It is impossible for anyone to realize whether you are wearing a pair of fashion glasses or it is to correct your near vision. They are the best of correcting the near and the distant vision at the same time. These lenses help in providing a smooth transition from distant vision at the top to near vision towards the bottom. This means you can use this prescription lenses help seeing distant objects, computer screens at the intermediate zone and then read something close. the position of the frame us measured along with the measurement of the eyes by an eye practitioner so that the corridor is placed in the right location.

This enables you a clear and a crisp vision when you look at something with your nose pointing towards it. These lenses have larger number of curves in order to achieve progression from one area of focus to another. These curves are vertically graduated in the centre of the lens and are brought out at the sides in order to give you a clear vision.

Now it is time for you to choose the right frame for your progressive lens. Previously the frames were of a large size in order to accommodate the area of focus of the progressive lenses. In case of too small lens the reading portion were cut off thus destroying the purpose of wearing these lenses.

Today there are different types of progressive lenses available in the market. The difference in lenses is due to the difference in central corridor of the optimum vision. This corridor is expanded in different lenses. The progressive lenses made from extensive use of computers have a wider range of intermediate zone. It is then for you and your eye physician to choose which lens fits your face the most. Progressive lenses are available in plastic and glass and also polycarbonate, high-index and photochromic lenses. Adaptation to progressive lenses can take from a few minutes to a few days. People with some specific type of eye corrections can take some longer to get adjusted to these lenses.

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