Computer Glasses for Eye Protection

The use of computers is increasing day by day. Computers are now being used in all fields of work. More and more people are now working for a long time with computer. They have to stare at the monitor screen continuously for a long time. When people get involved in their work of looking at the computer screen, their blink rate gets reduces. The continuous exposure to the screen may cause irritation, drying up of eyes, headaches, blurring and burning sensation in the eyes. This is called computer vision syndrome (CVS). Irrespective of the ages, people are suffering from CVS. To eliminate this CVS you must start wearing computer glasses. The computer glasses are now designed to block UV rays and eliminate glare.

People who have combinational vision problems use bifocal glasses or contact lenses. The computer screen will be located at a distance larger than reading distance but smaller than distant vision. When people use bifocal lenses to work with computer they need to look at the screen at a specific angle which creates neck problems. Those who wear contact lenses also have problems in viewing at all the points on the computer monitor.

The need for computer glasses is obvious for protecting your eyes. It requires unique features and so optometrists now suggest separate computer test for the eyes to find out what is required for your computer glass. Computer glasses come with polarized lenses with sun blocking factor so that they provide a complete protection for the eyes.

Those who find symptoms of CVS but don't require correction glasses must also consult the optometrist who may suggest you to wear glasses that magnifies the computer screen so that the strain on the eyes is greatly reduced. You cannot use the same reading glasses when you work in a computer.

Even if you don't have to spend a long time with computers, you have to use computer glasses to protect your eyes from CVS syndrome. Non prescription glasses with polarized lenses that block maximum UV rays are available in the market and you can use them as computer glasses to eliminate glare and reduce eye pressure. When you go for branded glasses they cost you more.

You can also use photochromic sunglasses if you want 2 in 1 sunglasses. These photochromic sunglasses alter the amount of light entering the eyes depending on the conditions prevailing outside. These lenses may also include a polarization filter to use them as computer glasses.

Computer glasses are also available with prescriptions. The computer glasses must give you a clear vision. There should not be any lines or distortions when you see through computer glasses. You can also go for plastic lenses when you have weak prescription. When your prescription is strong you can use high index plastic lenses that are very thin and flat. Before buying your computer glass, consult with your optometrist to know exactly what your eyes need.

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