Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Computer vision syndrome is a very common problem detected among the people working on computers. Children working on computers at home or school as well as the working people related to computer are its targets. This happens due to prolonged computer usage which may stress you eyes and result in impaired vision.

The main reason for computer vision syndrome to be caused is the different reaction of the eyes and brain to the words on screen than those on paper. You'll notice that a person with healthy eyes will not face problem in focusing on black letters printed on paper than those with hampered vision. But our eyes feel difficulty in focusing on the characters on the computer screen as these are bright at the centre and do not have well defined edges. So they tend to drift to the resting point of accommodation also known as RPA. This continuous drifting of eyes leads to staring and tiring them as therefore hampering the eyesight.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome:

You may not even have an idea of being affected by computer vision syndrome. Here are a few symptoms by which you can judge your eyes and of your little ones too.

- You'll feel slight headache all the time.
- You'll face loss of focus while working on computer screen.
- You'll feel your eyes tired always with a sensation of burning.
- You neck and shoulders may pain too.
- You may notice double vision i.e. seeing two similar objects mingling in each other.
- Your vision may also get blurred a bit.

How to prevent computer vision syndrome :

If you are informed well about eyes related problems while working on computer you should take some preventive measures right from the beginning.

- You can arrange your work environment for better ergonomics. This will reduce your eye strain and various other visionary difficulties related to computer vision syndrome.

- A good and reliable pair of computer glasses may also prevent you from the predicted sight problems. It may also help you see well. But it may be bought after the proper eyesight checkup by a doctor. He may diagnose your eyesight and also determine the distance between you and your computer before recommending computer eyeglasses to you. This will surely allow you work more efficiently and comfortably.

- Sitting at a right distance from the screen is also a good preventive measure against computer vision syndrome.

- Even glare screen filters may help you to some extent. But if you're already a computer vision syndrome victim this will be of no use. These do not solve vision related problems but can only help you as a preventive method beforehand. Glare screen filters only affect glare from the computer screen.

- You may also go for an anti reflective coating on your computer eyeglasses to prevent computer vision syndrome. This blocks glare and reflections on the rare and front of the glass lenses which may intervene focusing.

- A 20-20-20 rule works well to help you relieve from computer vision syndrome. This means to focus the eyes for 20 seconds on an object kept 20 feet away every 20 minutes of your sitting at computer.

So, if you are a regular user of computer keep in mind all the computer vision syndrome preventive measure to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

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