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Driving at Night: What Type of Night Driving Glasses Do You Need?

It does not matter whether you are an excellent driver or are simply starting out; driving is an extremely intuitive task and one that requires all your senses. You need to have good sight when driving, and there are some eyeglasses that have been exclusively developed to help people drive better at night. 

Now, you may wonder how driving at night is different from driving in general. Well, many factors come into play when you are driving at night, including glare, reflection, and more. Indian statistics reveal that 60% of accidents occur during nighttime. Some night glasses have been developed with anti-reflective coating and other such features that help to not only reduce glare but also provide you with a seamless experience. 

High-definition lenses have also been developed, which improve your eyesight under various lighting conditions. There are also products that have been marketed because of their ultraviolet lens or polarized glasses which are also very good for night driving. 

Features of Night Driving Glasses

Technologies are improving on a regular basis in order to provide you the most ideal glasses for nighttime driving. 

High-definition lenses

One of the most important features of these glasses includes eyeglass lenses with high definition. This helps in providing correct vision and also resolves issues with higher-order aberrations. 

Adjustable with light conditions

One of the best reasons why these glasses are being used by night-time drivers is because they not only enhance your vision but also sharpen it according to every light condition. As they help in improving night vision, it can be generalized they are also good for night driving. 

Yellow tint 

Another important feature of these glasses is yellow tint lenses. This feature provides HD clarity and is also very important for street vision when it is especially foggy or raining. The safety glasses help you to protect your eyes against UV radiation and also reduces the surface area for reflection. 

Wraparound frame

An additional exciting feature of these nighttime glasses, present in EYE Safety Night Driving Glasses for Men and Women Sunglasses with HD Yellow Lens M06, is the wraparound plastic frame that gives you full access to the downward view and provides you with a much larger field of vision. 

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Night Driving Glasses

With regular up-gradation in the various research and sciences behind nighttime driving and its relation to glasses, scientists have found that there are some eyeglasses that are very dangerous for nighttime driving. It is, for this reason, you must consult a doctor before investing in nighttime glasses. It is also important for you to discuss other matters with your doctor, especially if you already wear prescription glasses. 

  • You need to discuss how you can add nighttime glasses with your prescription glasses in the best possible way. 
  • Always make sure to keep your glass lenses clean before you start driving. Deposition of dust and dirt can lead to error in judgment and may cause you trouble. 

It is crucial for you to understand that having difficulty driving at night is a clear indication of some trouble. Visit your ophthalmologist for understanding the issue better without any delay. 

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