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How to choose Reading Glasses online near me

Buying reading glasses online is making a lot of buzz due to the following reasons:

1. It’s more convenient to shop online; you also save on gas.
2. The internet offers lots of choices with just a mouse click.
3. You can read other people’s reviews and comments about different brands that can help you make your choice.


But buying reading glasses online can be a challenge because you can’t try them on. How would you know, which ones are good for you?

Reading Glasses for Men

The good news is, in the next minute, you will discover 3 rules on how you can easily spot your best pair of eyewear – yes, even without trying them on.

First, stand in front of a mirror and study your face. Know your face shape. Is it round, oval, square, heart or diamond-shaped?

The rules of thumb in buying reading glasses are:

1. Choose frames that are in contrast to the shape of your face.
2. Frames of your reading glasses should extend as far as the widest part of your face.
3. Use your skin color as guide in choosing the color of your bifocals.

Do you have a round face? Choose bifocals with narrow frames. A square face would also look good in narrow framed-eyewear, but it would look radiant in round frames with curved edges.

Diamond-shaped face can look great in oblong-shaped eyeglasses while glasses with wider base than their top would create a good impression on heart-shaped faces.

An oval face, which is more length than width would look gorgeous in square frames that are as wide as the widest part of the face.

And what’s the best color for you?

If your skin tone has a yellowish tinge of color, you should go for warm-colored reading glasses, such as gold or orange; skin tones that are of pink or bluish undertones go well with Black, Blue, Pink, or Amber-colored glasses.

Now, make a move. Look great with your reading glasses on. Shop online for the best buys and start to look your best – today!

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