How to Protect and Improve Eyesight

Today in the technological advanced times everybody is working on computers. Even if you are not in IT business you tend to hamper your eye sight to various environmental and other odd reasons. Children working on computers at home or school as well as the working people in different field need to protect their eyes from any possible problem. Sight is the most important of all the senses as per a recent survey which concludes that a huge percentage of what we perceive through all our senses come from our vision.

There are various eye related diseases and problems which can impair your sight. So, you should take into account all the possible ways to protect your precious eye from any disease or problem. It can be done by following preventive methods as:

1. Intake of vitamins and nutrient rich diet:

Having balanced and nutritious diet full of nutrients and vitamins will solve the purpose and you can have healthy eyes forever. There are some specific nutrients associated with our ocular health essential for our eyes. Today people take into account specialized dietary plans to enhance the ocular health. It has been proved by the scientists that nutritional diet can even reverse the age related eye problems as muscular degeneration and various others as well. You should eat berries, pomegranates and cherries in plenty. Include DHA in your daily dietary plan by consuming cod liver oil.

2. Beware of unhealthy foods:

Fats and oils including trans fatty acids are harmful for your eyes. These can damage blood vessels that supply eyes and brain. See the labels of the food items for harmful hydrogenated oil additions. If present quit the food item. It can be in any form of oil - soy, sunflower, corn, palm etc.

3. Quit all harmful things:

You should give away with all the bad habits as consuming unhealthy food, extra straining of eyes. Practice good habits and prevent your eyes from various eye related problems.

4. Give rest to your eyes:

Short breaks are very essential in-between the vigorous sight work. Close your eyes for a while to preserve them and to get relaxed. Do not strain your eyes with stretched long hours sittings. If you are a regular computer user a 20-20-20 rule would work well for you. This means to focus the eyes for 20 seconds on an object kept 20 feet away every 20 minutes of your sitting at computer.

5. Using flat computer monitor:

If you sit infront of the computer for a very long time you should have a flat panel LCD monitor. This would cause less strain to your eyes hence protecting them from various vision problems.

6. Eye Exercises:

The eye exercises tone up the eye muscles to keep their elasticity intact. With continuous exercising you'll notice a considerable difference in the quality of vision. These will also help in reducing eye strain, headaches and make your eyes feel relaxed and refreshed to resume work. There are several simple eye exercises which can enhance your eye sight in a few months time.

7. Physical Protection:

You should wear sunglasses whenever you move outside in sun to protect your eyes from sun glare, harmful rays, dust and wind. A good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is greatly helpful for your vision.

8. Protection from unhealthy surroundings:

There aren't any ways to fight against air pollution and dust in big cities. But keeping the homes clean can do a lot to save your sight.

9. Computer Glasses:

A good and reliable pair of computer glasses may also relieve you from strained eyes. It may help you see well. But it may be bought after the proper eyesight checkup by a doctor.

10. Posture:

Sitting at a right distance from the screen is also a good preventive measure against strained eyes. To lessen the strain, keep the screen 18 or 28 inches from your eyes and at your eye level.

So, keep your eyes healthy by imparting these easy and helpful methods.

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