Ideal Colors For Ladies Sunglasses

Women have been known to be experts on color from all over the world. Many women prefer the black look, which consists of a black business suit or a black dress and a black purse. They also love wearing white be it for a wedding gown, a summer party or a golf game. They also love to mix colors and see how they match. All colors are taken into consideration, be it pinks, greens, browns, yellows, reds or blues, when they are thinking of what they should wear to the next function.

 The same amount of thought is applied when it comes to women purchasing sunglasses. Women everywhere have the tendency to be very color conscious. They are very particular even about the color of their sunglasses. They want the perfect color of sunglasses to match every dress and every occasion. They spend hours poring over the latest fashion magazines and watching models on television in order to find the perfect color for their sunglasses. But no two women can look good in the same color. Colors should be selected based on the individual tastes of the person and their appearance.

 The skin tone of the lady should be used to find the color of the sunglasses, which will look good on her. Blondes, browns, reds and blacks are warm hair colors. Cooler hair colors are hay colored blondes, white, grey and light brown. If the hair color is not a good guide, then the skin tone of the person will be a good guide to choose the color of the sunglasses.

 Women who have a warm skin tone or a warm hair color can choose sunglasses in colors like gold, bronze, tortoise, off-white, brown and aqua. Women who have a lighter skin tone and a cooler hair color can choose sunglasses in colors like white, blue, pink, silver, black, violet and also charcoal. But these rules cannot be applied to every person and it is also good to think about your personal tastes before choosing the color of your sunglasses.

If your are not sure about what color frame you should select, you can go and buy sunglasses which do not have a rim as this will highlight your face and not your sunglasses. Many women are very confident about what colors look good on them. But it is always best to do some research before buying your sunglasses. 

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