Symptoms of Low Vision

Low vision is becoming a serious issue today as it is a bilateral impairment to vision which hamper your sight. It cannot be corrected with any medicine, surgery, eye wears, lenses or therapy. But in such a situation it is important to preserve the remaining vision and to use it to its full potential.

Symptoms of low vision:

You'll face some difficulties in daily life which are the symptoms to detect the low vision at its earliest stage. Take these as a warning signs to preserve the remaining vision as early as possible. A few symptoms may be:


  • Difficulty in reading, writing, sewing or any job requiring good amount of vision concentration.
  • You'll feel that the lights are not as bright as before.
  • Reading street signs would be difficult.
  • In acute cases difficulty in recognizing faces.
Reasons and effects of low vision:


It occurs mainly due to aging, birth defects or some eye related disease as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, and age related macular degeneration. It is noticed that age related macular degeneration is the main reason for most of the cases of low vision in aged people.

Low vision affects our lives in a huge way. You'll experience not only physical change related to your eye sight but will also experience economic and psychological changes. Your routine can be changed as of going out independently for walks etc. and other leisure activities can also take a back seat as sewing, reading etc. The chances of tripping and falling also increase with it.

But do not let the low vision take your confidence and vigor of life. You may face problems in job as well. Surveys have proved that the efficiency can also decrease due to low vision. It is obvious that if your body has any of the problems it will affect your work productivity and concentration. If you work on computers for long hours without taking proper care of your body it will affect your eyes as well as well as your capacity to work.

Treatment and other adaptive measures:

If you have any of such vision problems you should rush to your doctor immediately. Get your eyes examined and start with the needed treatment by the various conventional methods. You can be asked to wear glasses or lenses, go for eye surgery, simple medication etc.

As prevention from further harm to eyes you should:


  • Adjust the lights as per your needs.
  • Use magnifying glasses in case of need.
  • Do not strain eyes and take rest after some time from work.
  • Prefer writing with bold black felt tip pens.
  • Contrasting colors can be greatly helpful. Light on dark or dark on light surfaces would prevent falling and making mistakes.
  • Arrange for motion lights that are switched on as soon as a person enters the room.


So, if you get frequent headaches, have difficulty in focusing and happen to see blurred do not ignore these symptoms as you must be experiencing low vision which would hamper your vision as well as total personality. Meet your doctor as soon as possible.

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