Tips and Guide To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

There are millions of people who wear eyeglasses either due to a prescription or for sheer fashion. But for the people shopping for prescription eyeglasses fashion is within their reach. There are several designer brands that are catering to the needs of several prescription eyeglass wearers. For people who used to think that eyeglass wearers were basically thick black frames the notion is completely wrong. Today the showrooms have a wide range of designer eye wear. But with this wide range of options it is you who have to decide on color, shape and style that will suit the best on your face. Thus these are a few tips that you have to follow in order to shop for prescription eyeglasses.

1) The first thing that you should check out before going for a pair of new eyeglasses is that the you should check the policies of the you have with the insurance company. The fact that how much the company will cover will have to be checked. The details of your plan should be well scrutinized in order to see what are the things covered under your policy and what are not covered.

2) The first and the foremost thing is to get your eyes examined and then choose your new frame. There are various materials among which you can make your choice like titanium, aluminum, plastic and so on. Titanium frames are durable, light weighted and are expensive. The plastic frames on the other hand is also durable, light weighted but do not give a proper fit and are less expensive.

3) Another aspect that has to be carefully examined by you is the choice of lenses. The general conception is that the smaller that the lens is the better it is. This is because the smaller the lens the lighter it is. Different materials have different consequences attached to them. The plastic frames are undoubtedly lighter but these frames require much care so that they do not get scratched. On the other hand if the lenses are made of glass they are much heavier but would be scratch resistant. But fortunately today there are a variety of options for you to choose from.

4) You should always take someone close to you to a doctor's chamber. Usually a doctor or an optician can help you choose a frame that is suitable for your face but someone close to you can choose a frame that will suit your personality.

5) If the right type of frame is not available in your doctor's chamber then make it a point to take the prescription and get your frame from another shop. This method is also convenient if you get your eyes checked up from a local doctor and get your frame from a bigger store.

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