Tips for Selecting Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses have now become a modern basic necessity when it comes to accessories. We can also accredit this fact to the sweltering sun that forces people to wear sunglasses. Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is one reason and fashion is the immediate next reason for one to sport sunglasses. The fashion industry is producing different variations of sunglasses, making them all the more appealing and a trend to catch up on. Sunglasses have already become an indispensable fashion item. The world looks a lot trendier when seen through a pair of fashionable shades. People who have to wear prescription glasses also have the option to wear trendy prescription sunglasses. They can choose from various frames available to match their style.

No matter how trendy the frames may appear to be, the bottom line is that they must compliment the structure of your face. Following are a few tips on how to pick the right pair of sunglasses.

For people who have a sharp square cut face structure, a wrap or aviator would suit well and would also counterbalance the jaw line.

People with a round face structure must go for dark colors like black, dark brown etc. The frame can be angular, square or straight.

For people who have a triangular cut to their face structure would look very good in sunglasses that have thin rims and vertical lines which would help complement the broad forehead and tapering chin and mouth.

People having an oblong face structure must go for a frame that is as centered as possible. They must stay away from bright colors, large square shapes and heavy bridges. A classic frame with a dash of fresh look would suit best.

People who have an oval face structure can go for any shape but the frame must still be picked carefully.

While considering the frames, you must also match it to your nose. An oversized pair of sunglasses balances a large nose. High side bars and double bridge emphasizing the temples are good for people with long noses. Sunglasses with a high bride and light shade compliment short noses.

Choose a pair of sunglasses whose shape is diametrically opposed to the shape of your face as that would give you a very balanced structure. When selecting your prescription sunglasses make sure to check out the various shapes, sizes and colors available. When you get the one which suits you the best, no one would be able to identify that you're wearing prescription sunglasses as they would look as trendy as a regular pair of sunglasses.

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