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Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses with Blue Block Anti Glare Lens

Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses with Blue Block Anti Glare Lens

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Progressive Reading Glasses with Blue Block Anti Glare Lens

  • ✔ PROGRESSIVE MULTIFOCAL LENS -- Progressive multifocal lenses are suitable for all kinds of needs in daily life (daily dialogue, watching computer, reading), eliminating the need to constantly remove the reading glasses.Costomers need to adapt to the progress.
  • These are Ready Power Progressive Reading Glasses . Custom Prescription Progressive Glasses Possible. Whatsapp Your Prescription Power to +918169394813 ( Click Here - ) to Get Best Rates for Prescription Power ProgressiveGlasses Lenses in India.
  • ✔ Computer Readers blocks blue light, reduces glare and strain on your eyes from computer screens,alleviate discomfort and visual fatigue from long periods of computer use and other bright lights
  • 【Alloy & Lightweight】: It make with high quality alloy. Wearing it for a long time will not feel tired. And Not easily damaged.
  • ✔ Degree range - age 45-49 years old (suitable for +1.0), age 50-54 years old (suitable for +1.5), age 55-59 years old (suitable for +2.0), age 60-64 years old (suitable for +2.5), age 65-69 years old (suitable for +3.0)
  • For new wearers,How to adjust quickly to your new Progressive Lenses:

    • Stop wearing your old glasses. 
    • The top region of your lenses is for distance vision, and it provides the most visibility. As you look farther down, the lenses magnify,allowing you to see better up close. 
    • To look at an object, turn your head and look directly to ward it (do not just turn your eyes). Then simply raise or lower your chinuntil the object comes in to focus.
    • Adaptation process: first try to sit on a clearTV-then sit and read a book clearly-then try to wear it when walking indoors-then go up and down the stairs-and finally wear it when walking outdoors.
    • Take a break from your progressive lenses if it feels like they’re hurting your eyes. Then, reapply them. It’ll get more comfortable to wear them over time.
    • When you first get this type of eyewear, you mayexperience blurry or distorted vision. However, the more you wear the lenses,the faster these symptoms will subside. Give them a chance to work. You’ll be happy you did.
    • Ensure to keep in mind that when walking or climbing stairs, you should NEVER look through the lower lens and ALWAYS through the upper section.

    For experienced wearers:

    A new pair progressives – even in the same prescription – can still have a slight adaptation period. This is because no two pair of progressive glasses are the same. For example, some people are more sensitive to viewing through multiple areas in a small lens, so switching to frames with a larger lens size can provide greater comfort and ease in adaptation




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