Uvex Clear Anti Fog Glasses for Driving Cycling

Clear Anti Fog Cycling Glasses for Driving Riding Eyewear Sunglasses

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Clear Anti Fog Glasses for Driving Cycling


The safety spectacles of the pheos series provide eye protection in a design to be proud of. The modern protective googles meet the security standards EN 166 (Personal Eye Protection) as well as EN 170 (UV Protection), or rather EN 172 (Sunglare Filters For Industrial Use).

Thus, the innovative good-looking safety glasses not only offer reliable fragment protection but also effective solar protection. The duo-spherical lenses offer a large field of vision. This feature is very important for workers who need to see the wider picture.

Special features of the safety goggles series uvex pheos

  • modern safety spectacles with a fashionable design and duo-spherical lens technology
  • 100 % metal free
  • narrow geometry enables ear defenders, helmets, and bump caps to be worn comfortably
  • additional eyebrow protection with Eye Plus Protection: a bevelled edge in upper area
  • scratch-proof exterior, permanently anti-fog interior (uvex supravision extreme)
  • reliable UV 400 protection
  • soft, non-slip arm end (uvex duo component technology) prevent pressure points
  • certified to EN 166 (Personal Eye Protection) and EN 170 (UV Protection) or rather EN 172 (Sunglare Filters For Industrial Use)

Some of the benefits of using Uvex Pheos Safety Eyewear as cycling glasses may include:

  1. Impact resistance: The polycarbonate lenses of the Pheos glasses are designed to be impact-resistant, which can be useful for protecting against flying debris and other hazards that can occur while cycling.

  2. Anti-fog coating: The anti-fog coating on the Pheos glasses can help to prevent the lenses from fogging up, which can be especially useful when cycling in humid or cold conditions.

  3. UV protection: The Pheos glasses block 99.9% of harmful UV rays, which can help to protect your eyes from the sun's rays while cycling.


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