High Index Lenses For Light-Weight Eyeglasses For High Power Prescriptions

Gone are the days where people wearing prescription eyeglasses were teased for their thick glasses. Now trendy and light weight eyeglasses are available for people who need corrections in their vision. The thick eyeglasses used in the previous decades were uncomfortable to wear and they reduce the confidence of the person wearing it. People wearing prescription eyeglasses were considered away from the fashion kingdom.

With the great advancements in the glass manufacture technology lenses are now made using different materials. Thin lenses are now manufactured using high index plastic material. They have good optical quality and they are of light weight compared to the conventional glass and plastic lenses. The prescription lens requires two properties - the refractive index of the lens and the curvature. When the lens has a higher refractive index, it can bend more light and thus curvature can be minimum leading to a thin lens.

High index lenses are now made using glass or plastic depending on the needs. When the material has high index of refraction, it will be dense and hence lesser material is used in making lens leading to a thinner one. The higher the refractive index of the material, the thinner is the lens made out of it.

People who suffer from myopia mostly use high index lenses for their eyeglass. High index lenses have great advantages for people who wear minus power. The thinning in these types of lenses is uniform and hence gives you a trendy look. For people who have power in the plus region, the thinning of lenses is at the center and it will not be visible. To avoid this problem, aspheric lenses are used. Aspheric lenses are mostly made of high index material and they serve the cosmetic purpose. They also give clear vision which is the main purpose of wearing the eyeglass.

The high index lenses have certain advantages and disadvantages over conventional lenses. On the positive side, these lenses are very flat and thin, giving the wearer the look of an elegant chic. They are also shatter proof and are robust. They can be curved and fitted to frames to give a trendy look. On the negative side, the eyeglasses that use high index lenses are expensive. A separate scratch resistant coating is to be given on the lenses to prevent scratches.

The new advancement in the lens manufacture technology is the use of ultra high index material. These materials provide the ability to manufacture very thin and flat prescription lenses for people who wish to be at the height of fashion. People with higher prescriptions like +/-10.00D can make use of ultra high index lenses for a very thin and flat eyeglass. The cost of the lenses increases with the decrease in their thickness. Thinner and flatter lenses are made out of high index material as these lenses have flat front curves. The aspheric curves deployed in these lenses provide distortion free clear vision with flat and thin structure.

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