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Chemical Splash Protection Goggles Max Ultra Eye Protective Safety Glasses 171

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– Frame Material: PVC.

– Filter: 2-1.2 UV / Zero Power.

– Impact Resistance: 120 m/s

– Full vision goggle, Completely seals the eye

.- Fits comfortably over numbered glasses.

– Optical Class 1.- Anti Fog, scratch resistant.



High quality Protective Goggle for Protection against, hot molten splash, chemical splash and dust protection.



– General purpose.

– Chemical Splash Protection.

– Dust Protection



Conforms to EN : 166


Some of the benefits of using splash protection glasses include:

  1. Protection from chemical splashes: Splash protection glasses are specifically designed to protect the eyes from chemical splashes, sprays, and droplets. This can be especially important in industrial and laboratory settings where chemicals are used on a regular basis.

  2. Impact resistance: Many splash protection glasses are also designed to be impact-resistant, helping to protect the eyes from flying debris and other hazards.

  3. UV protection: Some splash protection glasses also offer protection against harmful UV rays, making them a good choice for outdoor work.

  4. Comfort: Splash protection glasses are typically designed to be comfortable to wear, with adjustable temples and a lightweight design.

  5. Scratch resistance: The lenses of splash protection glasses are typically scratch-resistant, helping to ensure that they remain clear and easy to see through over time.

Overall, splash protection glasses are an important piece of PPE that can help to protect the eyes from chemical splashes and other hazards in the workplace. Whether you are working in an industrial setting, a laboratory, or any other environment where chemical splashes may be a risk, these glasses can help to keep your eyes safe and your vision clear.



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